TE TiberiumBlue ingame01-1-
Faction Neutral
Cost -
Produced By Vinifera Monolith
Build Time Slow
Role Resource
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Tiberium Radiation

Highly volatile

Requirements -

Tiberium Vinifera is a mutated form of Riparius. Once the Riparius crystals have matured enough, they will turn into Vinifera crystals. It has very high value but slow growth rate. It is commonly referred to as "Blue Tiberium" because of its color.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

In Tiberium Essence, Vinifera has kept its original form and grows around a Vinifera Monolith. The crystals are radioactive and will kill or mutate any human infantry near them, while they are highly volatile and once one crystal has been destroyed, more around it will follow. Exploding crystals are extremely dangerous to anything nearby, and often can cause Harvesters to explode if caught in the middle.

Neutral Objects
Tiberian Flora

Blossom TreeVinifera Monolith

Tiberian Fauna

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Tiberium Species



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