Vinifera Monoliths are the results of large amount of Tiberium Vinifera melding together into a massive crystal. It releases Vinifera spore into the surrounding area.

Vinifera Monolith
TE TiberiumBlue ingame01-1-
Faction Neutral
Cost N/A
Produced By Vinifera
Build Time N/A
Role Vinifera Production
Armament Vinifera Spores
Upgrades N/A
Abilities Generate Vinifera
Requirements N/A

Tiberium SunEdit

Vinifera Monoliths began to appear as Vinifera fields spread further. If a large enough patch of Vinifera grows to maturity, the crystals will meld together into a massive blue crystal, roughly ten meters high. This crystal functions like a "blossom tree", but rather than spreading Tiberium Riparius, it spreads Tiberium Vinifera, albeit at a much slower pace.


Vinifera Monolith with Blue Tiberium Flora near it.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The functions of the Vinifera Monolith remains the same in Tiberium Essence. However, it can no longer spread Tiberium beyond a designated radius around itself due to engine limitations.

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