Faction Neutral
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Natural Danger
Armament Tiberium spray (Adult)

Melee (Baby)

Upgrades -
Abilities Heal in Tiberium
Requirements -

Visceroids are heavily mutated Tiberium-based life-forms, first sighted during the First Tiberium War.

Tiberian DawnEdit

Visceroids were a rare sight during the First Tiberium War, as Tiberium was not widespread. they were one of the first Tiberium-mutated creatures to be sighted. Nod Chemical Warriors' Tiberium spray could be used to turn victims into Visceroids. The early Visceroids attack using Tiberium spray.

Tiberian SunEdit

With the ongoing spread of Tiberium, more and more unfortunate lifeforms were turned into Visceroids. There were two different types of Visceroid seen during the Second Tiberium War: the "baby" and "adult" variant, with the latter being considerably larger and much more dangerous. Two baby Visceroids could merge upon contact into an adult.

While in their juvenile state these lifeforms were harmless, however the mature form was incredibly hostile, they were especially deadly against infantry and structures, roaming the battlefield in search for victims. The best way to deal with a potential Visceroid threat, was to eliminate them before they could merge into an adult.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Visceroids are most often seen in Red Zones, roaming the landscape. Unfortunate humans or animals who have suffered very serious Tiberium poisoning are often turned into Visceroids. Nod's Chemical Missile and Toxin Trooper Squad can also cause their victims to turn into ones. Visceroids are hostile to anything they encounter. "Baby" Visceroids attack by closing in on their target and begin a sort of melee attack, which is effective against infantry, light vehicles and lightly armored structures. Adult variants use a far more damaging Tiberium spray, which can turn infantry into baby Visceroids and even melt through the armor of medium vehicles. They are fast enough to chase slower units, such as expansion vehicles and some infantry units. Adult Visceroids leave behind a small patch of Tiberium when killed.

Visceroids also grant a large amount of experience points and can rank up even Mammoth Mk. II in as many as five killed adult creatures.


  • With the Visceroid's new appearance in version 1.5, the old model was reused as the Contaminator.


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