Wolverine icon
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 700
Produced By GDI War Factory
Build Time 0:10
Role Light anti-infantry walker
Armament Dual 20mm miniguns
Upgrades Sub-Calibre Rounds

Reactive Armor

Abilities Call For Transport
Requirements -

GDI Wolverine-class Light Mechanized Walkers are upscaled powered armour suits, moving by walking from one point to another. They enjoyed high speed, and were equipped with a pair of gatling guns mounted onto each arm for engaging enemy units. Wolverines cannot pivot at the waist, and had to physically turn to engage an enemy unit.

Tiberian SunEdit

In Tiberian Sun, Wolverines had a more boxy design, and fired their dual miniguns in short bursts. Their mechanized legs offered them a great deal of mobility and speed, even in Tiberium heavy environments. Their speed, combined with their powerful weapons, made the Wolverine incredibly lethal to enemy infantry, who would often find themselves chased down and destroyed if they were attacked without anti-vehicle support.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

In Tiberium Essence, Wolverines possess a much less boxy shape and a set of next-gen miniguns that allow them to inflict AoE damage upon entire enemy infantry squads. Advances in ammuniton also allow the Wolverines to load their weapons with Sub-Calibre Rounds, which increase their damage output. Reactive Armor enhances the durability of the Wolverine's standard hull. Both of this technologies are distributed through a local GDI Command Post. Wolverines are effective against all types of infantry, cyborgs and light vehicles, but lack anti-air capabilities and should not go head-to-head with heavy armors.


  • Wolverine's voice until version 1.5 was the Wolverine's voice from C&C3 Kane's Wrath. In version 1.5, it was changed to the voice of Wolf Tank from C&C4.
  • Wolverines in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm have six-barrel miniguns, however those in Tiberium Essence equip with five-barrel ones.


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